A program that helps women and especially the elderly to know and feel that they are not alone.   New England Arab American Organization surveys show that women in the Arabic community are struggling from isolation. Some were oppressed in their home country and continue today to have less opportunity in education, family, and career. Looking different with the hijab, many are feeling fearful and going through a severe stage of grief with the loss of their home, extended family, and primary language. New England Arab American Organization continued evaluation surveys to create program that the community need.  We are creating a safe environment where they can feel safe and build their support system by trusting others and community members.  Women come together to do fun activities like sewing, swimming, fitness group therapy classes. Together, we are creating a support system, new relationships with neighbors from the host community to feel part of the community.  Participants develop a profound sense of belonging and experience improved mental health and reduced stressors in their social lives. 

Classes are every Monday and Tuesday

Time:  11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Transportation is provided