The Public Health program offers a range of educational programs that focus on life skills promotion for a better future for the whole family.


Health Programs include:

  • Parenting outreach workshops to assist parents with challenges of living in an unfamiliar environment, with a new language and rights.  Provide the resources available to support with these challenges for a better life
  • Special education to empower women and strengthen the support system of Arab women living in Maine.  These workshops will be tailored to create the safe environment for these women and remove language barriers and fear of looking different
  • Educate to prevent future Child Abuse within the family.  Educate parents about regulations and child rights for safety and protection.  Educate about acceptable versus non-acceptable disciplinary action against a child to prevent separation of the family.
  • Educational workshop supporting parent’s knowledge around Infectious Diseases
  • Substance abuse and Tobacco Prevention
  • More